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    . Can you guess what bro■ught me here?” The shifting phases of this ■uncommon episode attracted all; even Qu■antrell himself was interested. The p■risoner—threw off all disguise and defied t■hose who meant to hang him. “You did we■ll to disarm me,” he said, ad●dressing Gregg, “for I intended to■ kill your captain. Everything has be●en against me. At the Tate house he ●escaped; at

    Clark’s it was no better; we● had him surrounded at Swearington’s and■ his men cut him out; we ran him for t●wo hundred miles and he escaped, and n■ow after playing my last card and staking every●thing upon it, what is left to me? A dog’s dea■th and a brother unavenged.” “Do you●r worst,” he said, and he folded his arms ac●ross his breast and stood sto●lid as the tree over his head●. Some pity began to stir the men visibly. ●Gregg turned away and went out ■beyond the firelight. Even Quantr■ell’s face softened, but only ■for a moment. Then he spoke harshly to Blunt,  癜He is one of the worst of a ●band that I failed to make a ●finish of before the war came, but what e●scapes today is dragged up by ■the next tomorrow. If I had not■ recognized him he would have killed m■e. I do not hang him for that, however, I102 h●ang him because the whole breed■ and race to which he belongs shoul■d be exterminated. Sergeant, do yo■ur duty.” Blunt slipped the noos■e about the prisoner’s neck, and th

    e four m●en who had at first di

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    as though spun by a ■strong hand, quivered once or twice, and then ■swinging to and fro and regu●larly, stopped forever. Just at this mom■ent three quick, hot vollies, and ●close together, rolled up from the northern p●icket post, and the camp was on ■its feet. If one had looked then at the dead man●’s face, something like a smile might ha■ve been seen there, fixed and sinist●er, a

    nd beneath it the white, sha●rp teeth. James Williams had● accepted his fate like a hero. At ■mortal feud with Quantrell, and living only t■hat he might meet him face to face in battl●e, he had joined every regiment, v■olunteered upon every scout, r■ode foremost in every raid, and fought harde■st in every combat. It was not to b■e. Quantrell was leaving Missouri. A great gu■lf was about to separate them.■ One desperate effort now, and ye●ars of toil and peril at a single blow, ●might have been rewarded. He struck i●t and it cost him his life. T●o this day the whole tragic episode is sometim●es recalled and discussed along the b●order. 103 The bivouac was rudely bro●ken up. Three hundred Federal cavalry, crossing ■Quantrell’s trail late in the a●fternoon, had followed it until the darkne●ss fell, halted an hour for supper, and then a●gain, at a good round trot, ro■de straight upon Haller, holding th●e rear of the movement southward. He fought a●t the outpost half an hour. Behind huge tre●es

    , he would not fall back until h

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    ering. At Grand Riv■er the pursuit ended and Quantrell ●swooped down upon Lamar, in Barton ●County, where a Federal garrison held the cour●thouse and the houses near it. He at■tacked but got worsted, and atta■cked again and lost one of his best m■en. He attacked the third time● and made no better headway. He finally aban■doned the town and resumed, unmolested, the ●road to the south.

    From Jackso●n County to the Arkansas line the wh■ole country was swarming with mil●itia and but for the fact that eve●ry Guerrilla was clad in Federal clothin●g, the march would have been an incessant battl●e. As it was, it will never be known how many i●solated Federals, mistaking Quantr■ell’s men for comrades of other regiments n●ot on duty with them, fell i■nto a trap that never gave up their ●victims alive. Near Cassville in B●arry County, twenty-two were killed thus●. They were coming up from Cassville and were104■ meeting the Guerrillas, who were going sout■h. The order given by Quantrell w●as a most simple one, but a m■ost murderous one. By the side of each Fed■eral in the approaching column a Guerrilla was ●to range himself, engage him in con■versation, and then, at a given signal, bl■ow his brains out. Quantrell gave the signal p●romptly, shooting the militiaman assi●gned to him through the middle of the foreh■ead, and where, upon their horse■s, twenty-two confident men laughed and

    ■talked in comrade fashion a s

e a number of the old band who were not ■in condition to ride when Qua●ntrell and Captain Trow went s■outh. But I know them to be true.■ Younger was exceedingly enterprising, and foug■ht almost daily. He did not seem to be aff


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